Friday, 3 June 2011

Portal 2-ish

So, I've actually been playing Portal 2. Racked up about 10 hours so far, played it through once, then again with the developer's commentary (which wasn't that amazing to tell the truth). Got most of the solo play achievements, some of them are right tricky to get.

However, my take on it is slightly different to most players. If you recall, I watched others play Portal 2 first. Why? I think mostly because I didn't think I would be playing it myself. I don't play a lot of games, and certainly didn't intend to play it... and yet, having watched it, I did want to play it. (Still waiting for Portal to turn up.) [This probably says something psychological about me, but I'll leave that for my therapist.]

What this does mean is that I don't get the high from finally working out a puzzle for myself, because I know what the secret is. (Well, not for all rooms, some I still had to work out because I either partially or totally forgot about it. And I get to explore the areas and alternative paths myself instead of yelling at the screen for others to do it.) Alternatively, I don't get the lows of frustration of being stuck for many hours staring at the portals wondering what to do (well, aside from those rooms I had forgotten which did stump me for a while). And those lows help make the highs higher.

That all said, I have picked up games because I have seen them in action, and so know they are something I'd like to play. And that's the main thing. There's a lot of games out there I'm not interested in, and I'm not that interested in speculating. Especially for games that aren't that cheap. (Which is why I'm willing to speculate more with games on GOG. I get those cheap!) While I might not get the same level of excitement, I do get some from doing it my own way.

So, in short, Portal 2, I liked it! Now to find someone to co-op with...


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