Monday, 13 June 2011


I've never been a fan of vampire movies, so when this movie started in on them, I was initially 'meh'.

In this movie the Church finally becomes the ultimate plutocracy it's always wanted to be. To question the Church is to be out of line and, thus, wrong. So when they say there are no vampires, they really mean it. Okay. Don't question them. Their militant super powered ass-kickers, known as Priests, killed them all. So when the lover of the niece of one of them comes to say that the family have been killed by vampires, and the niece has been taken, then clearly the Priest is not to go chasing after her. Right. Right?

It took me about half the film to actually start enjoying it. Which sounds bad, but when the movie is less than 90 minutes, not too much. And it wasn't like I was actively disliking it, just didn't care that much. But it did get a lot better.

Paul Bettany and Karl Urban both play their Priests in the same way, ie with action stunts and extremely low and gravelly voices. You'd think their voices had been treated in post production to get them that deep. Maggie Q doesn't do that, at least. No gravel there, just pitched really low. I mean, seriously? What? Cam Gigandet plays the closest this movie gets to a comedy sidekick (in that he doesn't get the best action stunts) and no low voice, so I am wondering just how over the top these people think they are supposed to be. Still, they can all act with well crafted digital vampires, so it's all for the best.

Very light on religious themes (more about authority that religion) and then there's the set up for the sequel, but a better movie that I originally thought.


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