Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Passion (on film)

So I finally got my DVD of Pianomania. Yay! As well as the movie, there are a fair few whack of deleted scenes as well. Hooray!

Watching it again, I got to re-see the reason I liked it so much. The sheer passion they have for the subject, in this case making the piano the best instrument it can be for the pianist, captured on film. The care Stefan Knupfer takes, making sure each note is tuned and each hammerhead is positioned exactly right and each key is depressed with just the right weight...

I was reminded of another film that captured passion and puts it on screen. Cinemania. (What is it with me and '-mania' films then?) Ever seen that? This is a fantastic movie not about movies, but about the people who go to movies. About their passion to watch every film that is shown in a theatre somewhere.

And there are some really odd balls we see, people who are now either independently wealthy (just) or on a benefit or whatever, they have to go out and watch films. It's an intense driving force they have that makes this a marvelous film to watch.

Now I might have to grab that DVD out again and rewatch the watchers once more...


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