Sunday, 26 June 2011


I've seen Quarantine. And [REC]. And [REC]2. So why wouldn't I want to see this movie?

Oh, so many reasons...

A group of people are in a building... I mean, on a plane. And then a virus infects people and they start turning into zombies and attacking each other. And the people not infected run around trying not to get infected, and failing in many ways.

Um, yeah... so, this direct to discount bin movie is a redo of the original. In [REC]2, they worked into the story of [REC] and developed it in a weird way that worked for them. For this, Quarantine happened, and now this happens over here. Because... yeah, because... yeah, this so easily could have been a 'zombies on a plane' movie that could have been a stand alone, but instead they decide to hook into the Quarantine 'franchise'.

Another big sign this movie is totally worth seeing... I mean not. I haven't heard of any of the actors. Usually there's some minor star, or noted tv personality, but this has... no-one. And I wouldn't be shocked that the no-one's it does have don't want to be someones due to this movie.

This should have been a movie people wanted to see. Nope. Now, let's just hope no-one sees this and decides 'this needs to inspire Q3!'.


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