Sunday, 31 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Four

Are they just in some kind of holding pattern here? This is supposed to be ten episodes, where are the dramatic reveals? Other mini-series manage it, why can't this one?

Well, that whole 'Dead is Dead' thing came out of nowhere, rather conveniently for this episode (and we're still only, at best, a week after Miracle Day), and yet this podunk mayor is having a national effect? And am I the only one that sees the obvious solution here? Kill her, in a very public way so she can't deny it. Not that she would die or anything, but we'll see how quickly she turns around that 'Dead is Dead' slogan once she's one of that group... (if this series was in any way edgier like it has pretended to be in earlier series, I'd say have one of the kids killed). (And enough of her brain and eye survived the crushing??) [At least no-one's throwing out 'concentration camp' analogies yet... not that Davies has avoided that before... although they are getting close...]

And, yeah, that's kind of a huge flaw in the security system. Only one guy has access? What if something happens to him? He might not die, but there are other things that could occur. However, this was set up before the Miracle Day, I would presume, so what if he died then? Or simply got kidnapped and moved to another country, who accesses anything then? Kinda very stupid.

(BTW, isn't Jack supposed to be bi-sexual? Or omni-sexual? Now he's just all gay all the time.)

However, the clue we have is... the Families will rise again... bah, it's gonna be some new thing, most likely, that they've made up for this series, so I don't think anyone can pick it yet.

Next time: Oh, no trailer, but based on past experience, very little plot development, and a lot of whining about what's happening to their families, and the team threatens to be broken up...



Them Brickadda said...

You sad, sad little fellow. Do you pick holes in everything? Its a drama, its entertaining and above all its fiction. I am sure you would enjoy everything a lot more if you just sat back once in a while and enjoyed it for what it was.

Them Brickadda said...
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Jamas Enright said...

Strangely enough, I'm not the only person not enjoying it.