Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Let Those Bullets Fly

I don't watch a lot of Western. Nor Chinese movies. But, hey, why not watch a Chinese Western Action Comedy movie?

A group of bandits hijack a mayor on his way to a new town, and take his place while the mayor pretends to be an adviser to protect his life. While in Goose Town, they encounter Huang, the local head bad guy, and clash over who's the biggest bad-ass around.

This is a pretty good movie. Great action moments, quick pacing, doesn't take itself seriously, wonderful. However... I can easily tell that there's a lot I'm not getting due to the culture. Why did certain characters act that way? I'm not sure, but I am sure there is a reason that are probably cracking up Chinese audiences as we speak.

We have Wen Jiang (star, writer and director) up against Yun-Fat Chow in an effort to out suave each other, and their scenes together are great moments in the movie. You Ge also has fantastic moments as the mayor.

Thumbs up for a film worth watching.


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