Monday, 11 July 2011

Shotgunning Hobos

(As in: hobos that go around shotgunning, not getting shotgunned. Although there's that too.) This is apparently Thing That Must Be Seen. So... I saw it, or rather, I Seen it.

Another of the grindhouse-movie-ad-spoofs-turned-into-actual-movies, this is the heartwarming tale of a homeless man that wants his own lawnmower, and the prostitute that loves him... or, at least, puts up with him when he says her life a few times.

This is proper Grindhouse. People are nothing more than weak bags of blood, and no-one is safe from being hideously killed. And I do mean no-one. A very rare instance of death coming to all regardless. Yeah, that'll happen, so congrats to Jason Eisener for going that far. (I don't know what rating it got in the USA, but anything under NC-17 just shows the rating system is a mockery... actually, it looks like it was released unrated.)

Rutger Hauer is indeed, as you would expect, excellent as the hobo. Molly Dunsworth is fairly generic as the 'prozzie with a heart of gold' (generic in character that is), although she does end up getting to display wicked shop skills. Brian Downey tries hard as the Drake, and gets most the way (and this isn't the first time he and Rutger have worked together).

Of the various Grindhouse movies that that double feature either featured or inspired, this is my favourite so far. (That said, I haven't seen Planet Terror.)


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