Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Theories about Banging Big

Yes, yes, yes, I have finally seen seasons one and two of Big Bang Theory. [I've said before that if you really recommend something for me to watch, give me a copy of it... and people did!] (I did have a few posts in mind about this, but since it was a while ago, it'll just be the one post for now.)

Let's talk about the humour: there are physics jokes and computer jokes and other nerd jokes, and, of course, uncomfortable jokes. At least, so I gather from the reaction of the audience. While I could tell it was supposed to be amusing, I wasn't amused that much. Only a few smiles per episode. (And yet, I kept watching!) For me, despite the claims of the people involved, these weren't really high-minded jokes, these were the low hanging fruit jokes. They weren't so much physics jokes, or computer jokes, or... but jokes on people who enjoyed those things, and that isn't funny. The audience is laughing at the funny nerdy people, not with. (And Chuck Lorre has a far higher opinion of his own material than I do... although considering he gets paid a lot more than I do, I doubt he cares about my opinion of his opinion.) So the comedy of this series, not so much...

Let's talk about Penny: oh, look, a woman that doesn't get the intelligent stuff! A lot of criticism was leveled at this show about her being 'the dumb blond' (who never wore anything without her cleavage showing - it's bizarre what wardrobe continually put her in). And yet... she's the most normal one of all. On that show, she's the only one that can function normally in society. I like that!

Let's talk about my favourite character: it's... Sheldon! Not getting human interactions, being a genius, highly neurotic... okay, maybe I'm projecting, but I see a lot to admire in that. His complete self-centered-ness is the source of a lot of the humour I do like in the show. Frankly, if they got rid of the rest of the cast, I'd still watch it.

Given all this... I'm moving on to seasons three and four...


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