Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wonderous Woman

Yes, it is entirely possible to see the pilot of the new WW series. And it is, in no way, the Wonder Woman you would expect.

Wonder Woman is known to the world as the Amazon Diana Themyscira, the head of Themyscira industries. In this episode, she's up against another corporation which is making better people through chemicals, and she acts in ways that wouldn't have thought so after reading the comic. (I really wish the Law and the Multiverse guys get a chance to see this, as there are a raft of legal issues they could address.)

Adrianne Palicki is strange as Diana, and she seems to spend most of her time frowning. Yes, she's in the long pants (and they are shiny in one scene, with a note to make them darker with CGI), and in the short shorts later... there are a few things to sort out... but I'm not entirely convinced by her. She looks all right in the outfit, but I didn't really get that she embodied the role as well as say... Linda Carter (even considering this is supposed to be a darker version). Odd to also suddenly see Cary Elwes pop up, and pleasant surprise to see Elizabeth Hurley.

This is an 'updated' version, by which I mean that WW kills people quite happily, and often comes across as emo, and... I'm not entirely shocked it didn't get made into a series.

Undoubtedly there'll be another attempt to remake WW in the future, so learn from this one people.


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