Tuesday, 5 July 2011

This Film has been Ranted

It's amazing how many controlling bodies there are running the different aspects of the world. In this movie, we find out that movies are held hostage to the Movie Picture Association of America.

This documentary is different in one respect, it doesn't talk about what can be done to change things. Instead, it is a long spiel on the mystery that is the people behind the MPAA. Some movies are rated NC-17 (adults only), but a similar movie, with only a slight difference is R. Or PG-13. Typically, anything sexual that isn't missionary sex is banned. Violence, not so much a problem. (No mention of Passion of the Christ in that respect...) Not that this is unknown in America, the reverse seems to hold in Europe.

One very amusing sub-section of this movie is the private detective finding out who are the people of the MPAA. And she does. (It's scary just how easy private detectives can find out all about us.) So many details about them are revealed, and how they completely fail the guidelines for who should be on the MPAA. "Typical parents of young children" they are not.

Given all this, and that this movie itself wasn't rated (although it did earn NC-17 for 'sexual content', not 'because it reveals the MPAA to be full of hypocrisy'), I'm not sure how much impact this movie has made... although the trivia entry says that there have been some changes...

The MPAA has a rather powerful hold over what movies get released, basically, so this movie is a good look at them. But what other secret cabals are out there...?


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