Sunday, 10 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day One

How long before someone repurposes this song to be "It's a Miracle Day!" :) Ah, right at the beginning we get the line "she should have run faster" and I thought "Welcome back, Russ T."

Ah, Torchwood is back. Do do doo doo do do. Jack is back without any mention of being off planet. Gwen is even more of a bad ass than before. And we get the cute Esther Drummond and aggressively American Rex Matheson.

And no-one can die. Now, given RTD is in America, there is a really obvious point that he missed in this episode. He did address the issue of being blown up, of having the head separated (although not yet of having the head pulped), and of war around the world. However... and certainly, definitely in America... when talking about this, every other world would be 'god'. Or 'gawd' even. Politicians and church leaders would be all over tv claiming praise for what god has done. (And only freak knows what the anti-abortion crowd would be doing about this...)

Anyway, although we get the set up of 'no-one dying', the bulk of the story doesn't really address that, but the slow process of getting Torchwood back together. That takes ages. Yes, it's nice to build up moments of Jack turning up (and there's more than one), but, dear grief, get on with it! Instead we get that Gwen doesn't want to be involved, and we have to watch scene after scene of that point. Is that padding I spot?

And Jack can be hurt. The moment between Gwen and Jack acknowledging that is an amusing nod to what Torchwood fans would be doing at that same time. However, what of the Face of Boe? Eh? Eh? Meh, like RTD cares that much about continuity... and like Jack won't get his immortality back anyway.

I need to rewatch Children of Earth, but I'm going to say that I think, on the whole, this episode is a better first episode than CoE got.

Next week: looks like the next episode progresses about five minutes. And there may be a more boring explanation to it all.


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