Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DW: Borrowed Time

And yes, there is temporal shenanigans in Borrowed Time by Naomi Alderman.

This is a great read, demonstrating that we really need more female writers. Naomi has crafted quite a bizarre story of bank workers getting in extra time, and then spinning out details of what the Doctor gets up to in the future, suddenly springing in galactic events, and having a very unusual villain (and featuring yet another duo in the vein of 'Mr Evil and Mr Deadly').

The Doctor is well written, Rory is a bumbling fool cliche, and Amy nearly has some depth. Better characters are Andrew and Sameera, and Nadia (although I keep thinking the name was Naomi, however I wouldn't say it was an author-insert character). An author idea is what's under the Millennium Dome, we'll have to wait and see if anyone else does anything with that (the range of little details authors have created that have never been picked up on is so huge that I'm not expecting anything any time soon).

In all, definitely a good read and I hope she writes another book.


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