Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Troll Hunter

Well, of course I had to see this. One of the best films shown at the Festival!

Troll Hunter is about someone that goes online, to internet forums, and provokes people to post rants and...

Yeah, I'm not going to continue that. This is a Norwegian mockumentary (as opposed to those real ones about Trolls), in the vein of The Tunnel and the like that shows off the troubles the one person in Norway has when he hunts down the trolls that are invading the area outside their normal area. This is all captured by student film makers who get all too caught up in events.

And it's damn fine. The performances are good (Otto Jespersen could be Norway's Geoffry Rush... in looks anyway), and then there are the trolls. Which look excellent. Exactly as you'd expect, and not at all the standard troll (if you can follow that). Although some look like they could have come from Henson Studios. There are references to folklore that everyone will get, and some they won't (I'm not entirely sure what the Christian thing is about).

Definitely check this out, and in the original Norwegian before the Americans remake it (as they are threatening to do...).



Bert Isla said...

That looks pretty darn good.

evildicemonkey said...

This reminds me of a comic book mini-series called "I kill Giants" about a 12y.o. girl who lives in 'modern times' and is preparing for a fight with a giant.