Tuesday, 23 August 2011

DW: Paradox Lost

Hmm, this set of books seem to be about time travel in some way. This one is Paradox Lost by George Mann.

The teaser line is "The key to the future lies in the past..."... um, doesn't that always happen? "I lost my keys." "Well, where did you put them?" See, the past helps the future! Anyway, here we have monsters in the past because of the future, so you could say "the key to the past lies in the future..." would be more accurate.

This is a sparse cast book. In the past we have Professor Angelchrist (with hints he worked for Torchwood), a typical self-supported inventor/scientist type that can only exist in the past because there was less science to be expert about. In the future we have Arven, and I kept picturing these guys. Arven is nearly fleshed out (sic*) as a character, but clearly George cared more about Angelchrist and put more effort into him, although, as I say, he still comes across as stereotypical. (* Okay, that 'sic' only makes sense if you've read the book.)

Decent enough story, keeping the pace up with the monsters continually on screen, but not deep.


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