Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vigil the Huntering

The subway, late at night, scene of depravity. I was riding it, sharing the car with a young woman that clearly had a high opinion of her appearance, a guy that was not hiding his leering at her, some punk kid and some guy in a coat at the back of the car.

At the next stop, an African woman entered the carriage, followed by three guys that yelled at her to give something back. And they had weapons. I stepped in, tried to disarm one of them, but clearly he as on drugs or something and resisted me. The woman who was in the carriage stepped in to help fight these guys, but I lost track of the leader as he went after the African woman.

I was having enough trouble with the guy in front of me. I didn't see the leering guy try to stop the car (and fail), nor him get two other passengers to come in. One of the intruders went to fight him, while I held off one, while the leader fought with those at the end of the carriage.

At one point, the guy was stabbed, but I saw the wound heal over. Yeah, as it that could happen. Clearly it was the drugs they were on that did this to them. I didn't see the leader grow a pair of fangs (LARPers, eh?).

The woman being chased jumped out the back of the train, and the two minions we managed to put down. The leader got away though. When we got to the next station, I stayed to keep an eye on the scene as did the guy from the back of the carriage, who turned out to be a doctor. The others left to do their own thing. I think the punk kid took stuff from the pockets of the minion, who knows what he found.

The police kept us for a while, but finally ran out of questions. What a city. I would love to get away, but this could be the sort of weird thing that happened to Phylly...


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