Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Five of the Furious

Obviously some exec asked "how can we have a Fast Five million?", to which the answer is "crack out another in the Vin Diesel franchise (and sure sure the series can crank out more)".

In this movie, Vin blah blah races cars, blah blah races more cars around blah blah Rio. Yeah, a simple cookie cutter plot that doesn't stretch itself in any way. Lots of set pieces, although that last one in the movie completely defies any real physics of this world.

But, you know, at least they attempt to put in something approaching a character arc. Whether trying to save the girl, or get back at someone over a girl... there's always something (involving a girl, it seems). And yet, in this one... there's some token effort about 'family', but even then those scenes have absolutely nothing to do with anything, provide no motivation, and aren't so much an 'arc' as 'something shown on screen'.

This movie features such characters as... Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ludacris, Dwayne Johnson, Joaquim de Almeida... yeah, they aren't playing characters so much as just being themselves, largely because the script isn't really about people, it's about set pieces involving cars.

Blah blah heist movie blah blah cars blah blah see if it you like those things...


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