Friday, 5 August 2011

Something Ventured

This film is not about the companies that have become big, in particular the computer companies. No, Something Ventured is about the people that gave those people money.

This is a talking heads documentary, and most of the people... basically all of them... look to be retired now, so you can tell this is about the last century. There are several success stories about small money being ventured and big returns, and one or two less successful stories.

This is the history of venture capitalism, and we get to meet powerful people... but the blurb said they "speak frankly about risk, loss, gain and the ruthlessness with which business can treat its innovators". Not really. They told their stories, but it was just the stories, no particular lessons learnt (aside from about firing people), so there was an aspect missing there.

Mildly interesting, but nothing incredibly fascinating.


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