Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hot Coffee

No, not a movie about GTA, instead a movie about that famous case of a women that sued McDonalds for spilling hot coffee in her lap...

...only there's more to the story than people think. She wasn't driving, the car wasn't moving, and the burns caused thousands of dollars of medical fees. And there's the case of medical incompetence. And the judge that was accused by the other side with more money. And the case of Jamie Leigh Jones.

This movie is about how civil law isn't on the side of the civvies, and providing a face to the cases that are decided against, or caught up in legal games of big companies. Now, I'm not entirely buying that every case is like this, these are anecdotes. There need to be proper studies about this, however this shows what can happen. (Note: this is American law, of course, I have no idea if New Zealand is better or worse.)

Certainly a good movie for checking what you think you know...


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