Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Credit where it isn't due

Over the weekend, I got an email from my bank, the National Bank, to say there was a suspicious charge from the Apple App Store of $0.00. (I presume this was an automated email, unless someone really was up at 3.43am.) Now, I had brought something from the App Store a while ago, so this could be an odd thing associated with that, but I didn't get an email about it...

I email back that it's odd, so they send it on to their Fraud Squad. What? Nuts, so how long is that going to take? Then I get a call Monday morning from them (okay, they are onto it). They ask about the Apple charge, and about a $280 charge from the SuperMedia store... the what? Okay, that wasn't me, or even related to anything I did.

Damn, my card was hacked.

So, yes, I do need a new card, and that's ready today... Wow, so... go National Bank! They're onto it!


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