Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Trip

Did you a series from last year, The Trip, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon? It's a mockumentary, the basic premise of which is they go around some restaurants in the north of England. Now, given the cameras, and the events caught, and that we are seeing dreams... you know, I think it's almost entirely mock and hardly any umentary. So much so, I'm not sure if even the restaurant parts aren't completely faked up! (I'm not sure why they would, but then they mock up the rest of it...)

Although given that these two are improv comics, some of this is probably improvised between them, if not then they are acting very well. But most likely they are just free-wheeling takes between (or possibly even during) scripted scenes. During which, we find out that Steve Coogan is a lot of a c*nt, and that Rob Brydon really, really, really needs to cut down on the impressions he does. Small man in a box, funny, but every other line he does is him pretending to be someone else! Cut it out man!

Still, quite funny and worth a watch. Six episodes, one main food meal a day, but space it out.

The Trip, on the other hand, is a cut down version that cuts out about an hour of material and then ends up as a movie people pay to go see. Sod the freak off.


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