Friday, 26 August 2011


I was reminded of GasLand a little in that this movie is about a power generation source getting into middle class America, however...

It does seem that every corporation is evil and only has its own profit margin in mind and never thinks of the little people. But this movie isn't about that. It does seem that wind turbines might have problems with them, and there could well be serious concerns about having them anywhere near residential areas. But this movie isn't about that. And it does appear that wind turbines can cause town citizen to turn against town citizen, and we can find all out about that and not about the actual cause. And that's what this movie is about.

I'm not quite sure what the makers had in mind when they came up with Windfall, but what we get is lots of talking heads about how neighbours got on with one another, until wind companies got involved, and now they aren't talking to each other. You'd think there should be some address of wind turbine issues, and there is a little, but there is more artistic shots of photographs, and maps of the town, and of people talking about the issues of being on planning boards and the like.

Yes, this movie isn't like other documentaries. But not in a good way. A rethink is needed here.


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