Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Duke Nukeming Forever

Yes, I'm slowly playing my way through Duke Nukem Forever. Some questions and answers....

You're playing a shooter?
Yes, I'm playing a shooter. I'm not a shooter fan, however I have this game, so...

You're playing this shooter?
Yeah... I gave into nostalgia. This is 'no brain, just kill things' like Doom. Well, that was the idea...

Ah, but I'm guessing you're not doing well then?
I'm a little more trouble with 'where to next?' Some of the pathway isn't entirely obvious. And I have died quite a few times, even being on Easy.

Are you resorting to cheating?
The really annoying aspect of DNF is that... cheats are built in, but they have to be activated. However, they are activated by completing the game on at least Normal, if not Hard. Hey, if I could complete it on Hard, I wouldn't need cheats!

Where are you up to?
As of writing, I'm about a third in, down in the Hive. However... I'm now considering, do I start over on Normal so I can activate the cheats? I really doubt I'll have the interest to play more than once completely through without said cheating...

How are you liking it?
To be honest... don't buy this game. There are a few moments that remind me of the original games to be fun (found an RPG? Oh yes!), but... I should have saved my money. (Got it cheaper through CDWOW, so not full price, but I pre-ordered it instead of waiting for reviews. Too much nostalgia...)

But would you play it again?
Having a hard enough time playing it once. Unless I start over on Normal to get the cheats, I doubt it. Pity, as with the cheats I probably would go through this multiple times. Mindless killing computer sprites is nice stress release...

(EDIT: That all said... found a way to activate the console so I can cheat whenever I want, so will probably complete the game in Easy to get whatever achievements before running around in God mode with all weapons...)


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