Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Half-Lifening 2

Yes, I'm slowly playing my way through Half-Life 2. Some questions and answers....

You're playing a shooter?
Yes, I'm playing a shooter. I'm not a shooter fan, however I have this game, so...

You're playing this shooter?
I saw it on Spoiler Warning, and since I prefer a taster before I get into a game, especially a shooter, after seeing this, hearing the rave, and this is Valve, so decided to give it a go.

Ah, but I'm guessing you're not doing well then?
I am doing better than I expected. Only died a few times, have been on low health more often. Wasn't sure what level I was playing it at, turns out Easy. That'll help explain it.

Are you resorting to cheating?
I definitely have the option. However, I'm not there yet. Since I prefer the story to shooting, the temptation is certainly there, but haven't activated anything. Yet. When I go for the Developer Commentary, definitely will be activating it then.

Where are you up to?
As of time of writing, just entering Ravenholm. So roughly a third into it. Hey, I said I was going slowly. Sunk about three hours into it so far.

How are you liking it?
Valve definitely know what they are doing. I'm not sure I would be picking up on all the atmospheric details without the Spoiler Warning crew alerting me to them. That I haven't flipped the cheat switch to on says a lot about me willing to let this unfold and be a part of that.

But would you play it again?
Aside from for the Developer Commentary... probably not. I've got a lot of other games, and this isn't clamouring for me to revisit it. (But I might have changed my mind by the end.)


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