Monday, 19 September 2011

DW: 6.11

Wow, 90% filler, 10% actual series related. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Moffat wrote/rewrote a lot of the end of that episode.

How about that animatronic head, eh? At no point was there ever any doubt that that was an animitronic head. To be honest, the close up on the eye opening more than gave it away, and it didn't get any better from then on out. Yes, the director tried to disguise it in the salon(?) room, but it was always clearly motors under a rubber skin, with someone twiddling a remote control in an attempt to convey an expression. About as obvious as the fact that the minatour wasn't talking about himself.

But it's all about faith. Which can be destroyed by clowns, appearantly. (You know, I never had any problems with clowns.) And yay, Caitlin Blackwood returns! As for what the Doctor saw... I'm guessing himself. I remember Amy's Choice. And speaking of past episodes, I see someone pulled a Curse of Fenric here. That title was echoing through my head during the entire scene.

So that's it for Rory and Amy... and she's finally refered to as Amy Williams... yeah, right. That's about as believable as the Doctor regenerating mid series. Okay, that did happen in the old series, and I wouldn't entirely put it past Moffat to pull something like that to mix it up... but I just don't see it happening. Especially when I know what the last episode is called.

With most of the episode being filler, it just didn't inspire interest until the end. Mildly decent, will only be remembered for how it wrapped up.

Next week: Craig! I was wondering what episode he was in. Although this does indicate that this series is not ending with a two-parter (or it's a really surprising two parter). [Note: If you know about this, please do not tell me "oh, everyone knows that *X* will be occuring". I don't know, and prefer to be surprised by the episode.]


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