Monday, 19 September 2011

Of Steam, Steel and Murder

On Storm Haven island (appearantly also known as Savage Island), we sit and plot and work out what is going on. Some of the prisoners make a break for it, and a journalist wants to know our life stories. But, after a month, we have something that might approximate a plan (or at least an intention), so off we go!

Bit of a plotting session. We had definite ideas about what to do, but needed time to sit down and work them out. (It's not like we have a board we could discuss them on or anything... presume people actually post.) All that for a new player to encounter. Not much for them to do, but them's the breaks.

Listen to Game 42. Only not through me. This time I did remember to start the recorder, but it partly crashed. It seemed to be recording, but this was a lie. Sigh. Maybe next time. (Perhaps I should use PowerGramo and Skype Recorder?)


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