Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Fifth Destination

It's the movie that keeps on dying. While there are slasher fics with higher body count, this is the movie franchise that keeps you hanging with the build up of 'how will they die?'

The most amazing thing about this movie is how fragile everything is. Bridges are made of cardboard, windows of soap bubbles and people of dry twigs. Physics has always had a rocky relationship with this series, and here we have screws that manage to stay point up, a statue completely severs a head, and one person with weak glasses immediately goes into hands-out-blind mode when she loses them (despite being fine without them earlier on). Yeah, no problems there...

But the point of the movie is that people die... no wait, it's that you need to kill someone else so that you die. And these are the bunches of douche bags to go and do that. Seriously, you hope they all die in the beginning, they do, but then they are alive, and you get to see them all die again by the end. Yay!

And there's a special recap of the series moment at the end... I don't know if I should say this, but I laughed. And throughout the movie too. When I see special effects that give up on physics so, what other reaction is there?

In my opinion, the best FD was 2, but this one isn't terrible, considering it is the fifth retread of the formula...


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