Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vigil the Huntering

The next day, looking in the paper [Craig, the GM, has actual props! Woo!], there's an item about the attack on the subway, where they say there were four dead bodies. I know of only one, but you know how those reporters are.

(Others go about their jobs. Dr Cottage finds a Nazca pendent, stolen from the museum, in his pocket. Jane and Robert go on the run in some rather effective disguises. JB goes boxing and continues tagging.

Robert and Jane try to find the priest they met, but have no luck. Cottage manages to clean up the image of the South American woman on the train, but has no idea who she is.)

The museum curator, Heinrich Koenig, turns up in my shop, asking about the attack. When I mention the woman, he seems interested in her, and thinks her responsible for taking the item from the museum. As I can't help him further, he leaves his card with me.

(Cottage joins up with Robert and Jane, and convinces them that there is something dangerous going on, and they need to stick together. They ring me and we agree to meet.) While heading out, I spy the kid tagging in an alley, and chase him down, although my sense of justice takes a blow when he bashes into me with a baton. He needs a turn in the army to knock some sense into him. [Ah, the joys of getting PCs together.]

Joining forces, we go to Cottage's and pool our information. Robert proves knowledgeable, and tells us more about the amulet and that Heinrich belongs to Ashwood Abbey, a thoroughly disreputable lot. Cottage gets a phone call from a woman (the woman from the train?) who tells him to meet her at Travesti, a night club. He grabs all of us, and after getting suitable clothing, we head there...


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