Thursday, 1 September 2011


Footnote is an... unusual father v son story. In the world of academic achievement, what does it mean when the son and father are in the same field, and yet one is far more popular than the other? Will the son backstab the father, will the father condemn the son?

Not that this film is as serious as the above makes out. Although purported to be a comedy, it is a light piece, with some humourous moments, but it's more 'light drama' than hilarity. It's in yiddish with subtitles, so, as ever, you're looking at the pictures and reading the text, trying to get everything in... however... I do wonder if I missed something. Either in the translation, or something wasn't translated, or it's a cultural thing... when the ending came, I wasn't sure what to read into it. Fine, movies shouldn't handhold people, but... what exactly was the outcome there? Good? Bad? Did the right thing happen? Are secrets buried never to be spoken of again? I don't know.

Anyway, yes, good film, worth seeing. Although it might help to have another interpreter standing by.


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