Friday, 9 September 2011


When you have a plot that is "father trains 16 year old daughter to be an assassin", there are some immediate plot points you think of. First, that she'll end up interacting with the real world, and thus want to choose life over death, taking this as an affirming movie. There seem to be less of those with that set up these days. Alternatively, she'll assassinate and have "closure" as the movie decides it should be evaluated. Certainly, that's the basic ideas...

But then this is a basic movie. Hanna is let loose to assassinate, and goes out into the world, and the plot is entirely about people tracking her down. No real sub plots (although there are "twists" and revelations that, again, you could guess from the opening set up of the movie). And when the end fight started, completely saw where it would end. (I will agree with some others that could easily be more in this "universe", although there doesn't need to be...)

Saoirse Ronan does a lot of work in this movie, being in almost every scene and doing a lot of physical stunts. Eric Bana also gets a few scenes to show off his physical skills, but I'm recalling his Hulk days (not to mention his comedy beginnings) so don't buy this too much. Cate Blanchett has... an odd accent that appears and disappears. I've seen her too tougher.

Overall, I'd rate this movie... "meh". Could be better, could be worse.


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