Friday, 9 September 2011

Of Steam, Steel and Murder

We're still on board the airship... and, because of certain activities, we are plunging towards our doom, but not in the way you'd expect. Craziness continues as the fight with Harris comes to a head with Bishop vs Harris...

...and the players are without chips. We didn't refresh between sessions, so we are running low and many of us run out. Good skill and lucky dice rolls are needed to stop from dying, and in many cases it's "spend to live" as opposed to "spend to do well". Fortunately, a chip spend between sessions from me created a very useful resource to call upon.

Hear all about it in Game 41. Although not from me. I completely forgot to record it. On the other hand, my connection dropped a few times which probably would have crashed the recorder anyway... as of writing, Bert has part 1 up, and will put up part 2 within the week.


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