Friday, 16 September 2011

Te Terminal

Ah, that's a great Billy T James movie, where he's stuck at the airport, but helps his cuzzies to... no, hang on, I saw the other one, with the Belgian Tom Hanks (he's identified as speaking Belgian in the subtitles).

In this version, Tom is at the airport, and can't leave due to his country going away, and the American in charge is a dick. He befriends everyone, and then the movie ends. Yeah, they spend a long time just dealing with his life at the airport. Which still makes for great viewing. In this movie, we celebrate the little victories with him. "He's worked out the quarters." There's a 'yay' moment (followed up by the American in charge being a dick). And there's the love story... there's another version made where it goes the other way, but it's nice to have a real moment preserved in the version that was kept.

Tom Hanks carries this movie, and does a great job of being likeable, which is largely his role in most of the movies where it is basically him. Catherine Zeta-Jones underplays her part, which works better than her usual over the top roles. And the rest of the cast doesn't get that much fleshed out either, but their roles again work well against Tom's performance.

So, yes, a 'feel good' movie. But sometimes you need those, and this is a good one.


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