Friday, 23 September 2011

TW: Long Time Dead

As prequels to Miracle Day, there are three Torchwood novels which came out during Miracle Day, and I didn't start reading until after Miracle Day. Meh.

First up we have Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough, and it is filled with B- and C-stringers.

The "big name" in this book is the return (this isn't a spoiler, she's on the cover) of Suzie Costello. Yeah, that Suzie Costello who's died twice already. (Hey, she's pulled a Buffy!) And the other name is Tom Cutler. You remember, from Sarah's other novel Into the Silence. 'Cos everyone wanted to see them back... I guess?

Anyway, Suzie's back and people are dying. (Actually, considering this is Torchwood, that last part is redundant.) She got woken up after the events of Children of Earth, and is causing havoc by causing people to remember encountering Torchwood. Which seems to have happened a lot. So Sarah gets to spend a lot of time recounting wee vignettes of past scenes, and so the story progresses really slowly. Not that there is that much of it. Action switches around quite a few people, but not a lot actually happens.

Not a great start to this set.


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