Thursday, 22 September 2011

You Can't Always House What You Want

I've just finished rewatching season 7 of House, so what better time to take in the start of season 8! (it was... um... on youtube... yeah... that's where I saw it... it's been taken down now, of course, don't try to look for it, but it was definitely there...)

Anyway, it has begun, and after the ending of season 7, with House having crashed the car into Cuddy's house, you got to wonder where they'll go, how will they come back from that... (Or they could just restart again from scratch with an entirely different hospital, or turn the series into one where House wanders from town to town, helping those he comes across, and turning into a huge green man when angered... although I might be thinking of something else...)

Anyway, again, we have the season opener, and it's a bit different, like the start of season 6. It doesn't answer where the series is going (aside from being a complete reboot, which I'd doubt they'd do), but it does show that House is, to some degree, taking responsibility for his actions, and not trying to be too big of an ass. (He is still an ass though, some character traits are constant.) There are some character moments that you see coming (still cheer them anyway), and, for a while, it is Lupus.

As I'm implied, I don't know where the series is going... but I'm here to go along with it!


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