Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back to School

Me am learning fings. Recently, Stanford University announced running online courses for people all over the world. (Not for a degree or anything, you get a certificate of "could have passed this if they were an actual student".) Partly as an experiment to see how it works. One popular class is on Artificial Intelligence. Another is on Machine Learning. Both fine courses.

I did think about taking all of them. However, since I don't know what the workload will be like, and want to start simple, and hopefully they will be offering this again (they've already got everything set up, so they should be able to), I went for something relevant to my work. I'm taking Introduction to Databases.

At the moment, one big project that I'm working on is going through a lot of design stages and building stuff, all related to databases, and I'm interacting a lot with IT architects and developers and such. While they are great at explaining themselves when they need to, it can only help if I can follow along when they start getting technically. Especially as it impacts on the work I'm doing (everyone needs to interact with databases for their jobs).

So far, I've done my first batch of assignments already! Woo! I'm on my way!

If you're interesting, you might still be able to get in on a course or two (or three), so take a look.


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