Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Vigil the Huntering

After Sunday in my shop I turn to some domestic chores. However, at one point I get contacted by Robert who wants to know if I have lead boxes, or am willing to melt down bullets to form said boxes. I hang up on him.

He wants to put the amulet in a lead box, so goes buys some fishing sinkers, then heads over to the doctor's house, suspecting he's been followed. However, when he gets there, the doctor's just arriving to find his house is open, so they call the police. While waiting, they play catch 'em with the follower, to find out its a reporter from the paper. After not convincing her of their stories about the train situation, she leaves, and the doctor decides to go ahead and enter his house. It's been ransacked, presumably for the amulet. Not wanting to stay there, they decide to come bother me, and use my tools to make an actual box. More annoyingly, they want to stay at my place for the night.

Meantime, JB gets back from his night of tagging to find large goons waiting for him. He does a runner, but is quickly chased down by one goon, and a fight ensues. A rather one sided fight, as the goon is more powered that JB expected, even given the train situation. He's taken to a room somewhere, where a voice, who claims to be the owner of the club Travesty, wants a word with all of us and invites us to come over Monday night for information sharing. (Tricky, as we don't know anything.) JB is taken back home, but decides the best plan is to wake us up and tell us this straight away.

Fortunately, we do get some sleep that night, and Monday sees me back in my gun shop, with another outing planned for the night. The only question is... do I arrange to have back up handy?


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