Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cars Cars

Sequel time, with this movie being even worse received than the generic movie the first one was. Can't say I'm completely surprised.

In plot A, Mater is an unwitting spy (I'm sure there's a TV Trope for that, but I can never find those things on that website) who is pulled in to save the day, and live up to his unexplored potential... of complete idiocy that happens to succeed in spite of himself (another trope there). In plot B, McQueen learns a heart warm lesson about friendship (trope number three). And there's some intersection of plot, but not a lot.

Fine, Pixar movies don't really bring the boat out in terms of plots, but they do present them well. This works mediocrely, and so fails their usual high standards of... pretty much every other movie other than Cars. I don't know why they can't get it working for this series, but there's just a level of averageness that would be brilliant for other studios, but we've come to expect more from them.

And this isn't even addressing the 'lemon/ugly = evil' aspect, nor the 'alternative fuels will not work' or 'Big Oil' conspiracy buy in. Good to know the people at Pixar really want to address stereotypes...

If you liked Cars... you might like this. It's a bad Pixar movie... and not that much better as a normal movie.


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