Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Alien v Cowboy

Finally got around watching that movie we'll all been waiting for: James Bond vs Indiana Jones... (well, actually take two, as in take one, Indy was Indy.)

The story goes... well, you already know the story. There's cowboys. And then there are aliens, from coming the south, taking their money and their women... and their men and anything and everything else they want. And... that's about it. There's a stupid plot device whereby James Bond gets the plot gun to kill the aliens, but otherwise it's cowboys and aliens.

Or, to put it another way, orange and blue. Movies posters have always gone down that way. And this is an entire movie of it. Cowboys are always in orange, and the aliens are always in blue... and there are very few other colours in the movie. Oy veh!

Actually, to be honest, the best parts of this movie are the bits not involving the aliens. There is actual character interaction of the characters, and this is far more engaging that the shooting and the CGI. I'm not saying they are doing anything new, story wise, but it did bring me in more than seeing flying craft or blue filters on everything. They should have done more of that. (See, when it's done well, I want more. It is rarely done well.)

In all, I'm not surprised by the IMDB rating. It's a fair assessment of a movie that should have lived up to what we had in our heads when we first heard "Cowboys and Aliens".


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