Monday, 10 October 2011

Duke Nuked'em Forever

Update: I completed the game!

So how long did it take?
Let's see, according to Steam, 13 hours, but that did include some replay (mentioned below).

But... did you cheat?
...Yep. But, not immediately. I did give it a go uncheating, but when it stopped being fun, I kicked the cheat on. Oddly, given how I implemented the cheats, DNF wasn't supposed to register achievements, but it still gave me some. I think I might be able to cheese that to get all of them...

Any particularly hard parts?
There were a few segments that were 'Do It Again, Stupid' that really ticked me off, and ultimately caused me to start cheating. And then there were the long drawn out boss fights in which I might get most of the way through, then die and need to start again (some I cheated for, some I didn't).

How did you like the ending? (No spoilers, bitch!)
Meh. Although they tried to build up the story, the final battle was just like any other moment really. Nothing new happened, just another boss fight. And the story just didn't excite me that much.

But, are you going to replay it?
Actually... I already did! After a short break, I kicked it off again, Hard Mode, cheating and going around killing things without worrying about it. This is the fun it's supposed to be! And it did mean I could piece the story together easier, so picked up a few connections I missed earlier. However, then the game crashed, so I'm not kicking it off again just yet...

How about DLC?
There's DLC a'comin'... but I'm not interested in it. Looks like it's a form of editor and some multiplayer maps. Not for me.

Not as much fun as it should have been. While I would happy take my money back from purchasing it, the replay fun should last for a while.


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