Sunday, 9 October 2011

Half-Lifed 2

Update: I completed the game!

So how long did it take?
Let's see, according to Steam, 16 hours, but that did include pausing while I did other stuff. At times, it felt like it too.

But... did you cheat?
I had to look a few things up to see where to go, but otherwise it was all me. Okay, yes, easy mode, but still.

Any particularly hard parts?
The worse part, in some ways, was when I had a squad. My own incompetence I could deal with, but now I had NPCs to worry about. That's what caused me to look the few bits up, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to lead my crew in one way or go back to another. Oh, and they died. A lot. I tried to save them, even reloading, but towards the end, I let them fall like the computer spawned pawns they were.

How did you like the ending? (No spoilers, bitch!)
To be honest... once I got the final gun (yes, you know the one I mean)... it was too easy! The Strider caused a little problem (got down to 17 health!), but otherwise the only problems I had was when I kept falling off things.
As for the story content... um... I'll need to play it again, spread it out over too much stuff, couldn't really take it in. A bit odd who the final 'bad' was that you fought, considering that person wasn't built up as such, just a puppet. And then the very last moments... would having played Half-Life 1 made that any better? That was just odd.

But, are you going to replay it?
I'm not burning to, but I no doubt will.

How about DLC?
I'm not aware of any, however I still have Episode 1, 2 and Lost Coast to play sometime.

Of course I liked it! Everyone likes it!


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