Wednesday, 26 October 2011


So, Google Buzz is dying. Anyone shocked? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

No. But, of course, Google has already unveiled its next attempt to get more people than Facebook, namely Google+, which excites people because their mother won't use it. (If you don't get that, make sure to read the roll over text... and why aren't you reading the roll over text? That's a whole other level of comic enjoyment right there!)

And yes, I have now connected myself to G+. Um...

The first thing, it really wants me to connect up with 10 people. It's judging me, saying I'm not a good enough person that I don't have 10 people in my circles. You know what... screw you, G+. If I can't have a proper G+ experience with less than 10 people, perhaps that's your problem, not mine.

Number two, this becomes another place to check for content. Really, like I don't have enough feeds and such to follow? One thing I like about Buzz is that when I go to Gmail, it lets me know that there are Buzzes to check out, so I think to go there. I don't think to click through to Google+, and it doesn't want to remind me, so it's not getting my attention.

Moreover, I'd set it up to it went to a null circle of friends so people could opt to follow me, unlike the current situation, in which someone spams a circle, regardless if them wanting the posts. Yes, you can block them, but how about you make it the receiver's choice to get them in the first place?

Also, this blog is my main connection from me to other people. As yet, I haven't seen any way to post (at least even a link) these blog entries to my Google+ self if people want to follow me that way. I've looked around, but nothing yet. Maybe in the future, but G+ isn't catering to my needs at the moment.

Additionally, in general, Google+ has a fair way to go to become an established media. At the moment, people are making a big noise about the circles, but back in the old days, we called those email lists. And I'm not sure that this will have any more staying power than the other projects Google tried. (Remember Waves?)

Finally, entirely appropriately and topical, here's a LoadingReadyRun video about social media:


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