Monday, 24 October 2011

Inevitable Sequels

Well, we knew they were coming, so here they are...

Wrong Turn produced... Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. Er, beginnings? Not so much. There's an opening scene set in the 1970s, but other than that its modern day as a group of idiots... I mean, college kids go out for a weekend of skiing and sex (we get early scenes of the latter too), only to end up at the institution established at the beginning of the film, where the three freaks are now there to pick them off one by one. As they do. There isn't a lot of overlap with the previous movies, mostly the freaks are similar to previous ones, but this could easily be another series, or independent, and you wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. Standard fare really. Big names... no-one I recognised.

Hellraiser produced... Hellraiser: Revelations. (You know you're in trouble when not even Doug Bradley wants to return to the key role.) I'm going to spoil the big revelations... there isn't one! At least, not as relates to the Hellraiser aspect. This series has always teetered on various edges of what it wants to be. In this case, we have two families where their sons went to Mexico and had a wild time, and now they are finding out the full price of the trip. This movie does fall more in line with actually having Pinhead turn up and have an active role, and at only 75 minutes it doesn't drag... but it doesn't do anything special either. Don't know why they bothered. Big names... again, not really.


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