Thursday, 13 October 2011

SJA: The Curse of Clyde Langer

Okay, so I was rather delayed in my review last time, so here's this review as it happened. Once it's revealed, I do like how 'Clyde Langer' was cursed. Nice take on it!

And, I will admit, nice episode! Part One develops in a rather dark way, it seems cheerful then slowly turns on Clyde. Now, admittedly, it does take time to repeat the same scene (turn on Clyde) again and again, but Daniel Anthony plays it brilliantly, and when it's his mum... okay, we can all see where it's going in terms of how Part Two will wrap everything up, but it's still a damn fine Part One!

Part Two keeps it up, with the hole of Clyde having an impact, but the peoples are unable to work out why. Except for Sky, who is... alien, I presume. And thus becomes the only one (precociously of course) who can help solve things. And they all come together by the power of friendship!

Phil Ford delivers a great script after the fizzler of the opener. The Night Dragon was made out to be more of a thing (for a future epsiode?) than actually ended up being the case. ("No-one says they are leaving, then they are gone, on the Night Dragon." Oooo... only, not really.)

What does let the episode down is the CGI. The totem pole looks great as a practical item. But as soon as it needs to animate/become computer generated, it collapses into crapiness. Are the Mill just not trying, or not have enough time, or what? (Did they just done have the same designs as the build team?) And the sound. At the end, the music completely overwhelms the dialogue. Did they not want anyone to know what was going on?

Next time: Looks like next time could be a big finish! And considering it's the last ever Sarah Jane Adventure, it better be!


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