Wednesday, 12 October 2011

SJA: Sky

Well, there are only three stories this season, and that's it. This could be extremely bittersweet... if the SJA team was aware of what was going on and wrote to that. On the other hand, we have story one: Sky.

In this story, an advanced alien race comes to Earth, and develops a young child that looks like a normal Earth child in order to mass murder and kill others. Only Sarah Jane Smith steps in and instead adopts the child and now has a family...

...hang on, yes, you could be forgiven for thinking I just wrote down the plot to Invasion of the Bane. Because I did. However, it is also the plot to Sky. With Tommy Knight not able to be in the series, they need to replace him with another character, so they do. With repeating the basic set up from the first episode... not that they entirely did. Instead we get a strong evil female ... yes, it is different, I tell you ... and a metal guy that can go invisible, and they are in a big war, and we know this because they told us this, it's not like we get to see it or anything. Interestingly, the woman (Miss Miles... spelt in an alien way, apparently) has mind control powers, although she doesn't use them on SJ... or the kids... or anyone else beyond the first group of people.

You might be able to tell that I'm not super excited by this episode, and that's because it wasn't very good. With the introduction of Sky we have another 'cute kid' to deal with. While we only have two more episodes, here's hoping the next two make her bearable.

Next time: Either an alt-verse version where instead of SJ herself, Clive is removed from the timeline, or magic. Either way, I'm sure his good friends will come to recognise him as the friend he is. 'Cos that's always the way it goes down...


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