Saturday, 8 October 2011

TW: The Men Who Sold The World

There is a common theme to this set of books, very much dealing with the fallout of Torchwood no longer being around. The latest book involves Americans, strange as it's not like Torchwood would ever involve itself with America. The Men Who Sold The World by Guy Adams. (Spoiler alert: the world is not sold.)

As this book features Rex (with minor cameos from Esther), it's more action orientated than the other two novels. Although any action would beat First Born. Certainly it's all go chase as some bad guys have weapons (from Torchwood) and Rex is on the run to regain them. While not encountering anything to do with Torchwood in any way. Or, indeed, as it happens, encountering the bad guys. It is nearly two different plotlines as the bad guys do their thing, Rex does his thing, and at best they wave at each other.

Still, as a more action paced story, this does truck along nicely, and is a decent read. The character of Mr Wynter is... odd, in that one would think he'd be more notable in the Doctor Who universe. Then again, Chapter Nineteen would definitely cause problems... actually, it took me a chapter or two to realise what Chapter Nineteen was doing, but I liked that, even if it did continue to undermine Rex being any kind of hero.

Not huge on plot even if fast of food. Rex is underused... but this still rates the better of this set of books.


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