Monday, 17 October 2011

Yet Another Not Another Movie

Spoof movies tread dangerous ground. Oft times they are going for the joke, but ultimately rely on the audience's knowledge of what they are taking off. Sometimes they will actually try for a plot that will stand independent of/allow for the spoofing, but most often it is cut&paste scenes from other movies.

This movie goes for the plot approach. It is a movie about creating a spoof movie, and as such we have the characters of the movie studio, and the movie is more about them trying to make a movie rather than being a spoof of something else. However, there are two basic flaws.

One, the 'plot' of the spoof movie making doesn't happen until half-way through the movie. This is supposed to be a driver, according to the various descriptions, and yet it doesn't crop up until half of it has gone. The time is filled with 'character' moments of them struggling to make movies or find the next movie to make, and occasionally broken up by spoof segments when the main character falls asleep. (Seriously.)

However, flaw two is a biggie here. It isn't funny. I don't care if it's supposed to be a big deal that the movie is spoofing spoofing, or if it is a spoof itself, or whatever, at the core it is supposed to be a comedy. It isn't. The main lead is one of the writers, which, unless they are already a big name, is a sure sign of 'these guys came up with an idea they thought was funny and went with it so they could star in it' (another lead is also a writer) rather than 'here is a funny movie in which the main lead happens to be one of the writers'. The only moment I was amused was in their take off of Armageddon, otherwise... nothing.

I'm guessing Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones signed up because they had nothing better to do?

Terrible, terrible movie.


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