Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bye-bye Ben

And so Blanket Man has acquired his final garment. I was in town a few weeks ago in the morning, and saw him, and smiled at his ever presence in his ever present blanket. Very much an icon of the town.

Although not everyone was happy by his presence, especially if you read through the comments. I can't say I ever saw bad behaviour, I didn't bother him, he didn't bother me... but I'm not surprised that he could have done that. He wasn't mentally well.

Which gets to one particular statement: She believed Mr Hana had begun to believe in his "iconic status" as Blanket Man, and felt he belonged on the street. "It gave him an identity ... he latched on to that whole notion of a public persona, and that became more important to him than being well."

After some bad incidents in life, he dealt with it by living in the city clad in a blanket. (Most of the time) he just sat there, content to just be there. Considering other things people do, that isn't so bad. But when you start turning up because others expect you to, even despite health considerations, well... there's probably many people around are in that situation in some way and could use help. General lack of support all around.

Anyway, he was the 'local character', and no he won't be bothering anyone any more. But a lot of us will remember the man in the blanket, and give a fond smile of remembrance.


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