Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Vigil the Huntering

We know there are creatures like vampires around. With knowledge like this, what do you do? How do you face the world?

We decide to go on the offensive. Actually tracking down the vampires and dealing with them as they should be dealt with. To that end, Robert spent a long time in the library, and found that over the last ten years there is pattern of women going missing. I kept an ear on the police scanner and am slowing building up a profile map of where places might be to keep an eye on. Dr Jack Cottage checked his patients more thoroughly, and found a number of women that look like they have been drained on, well, blood.
[We also have a lead on a killer called The Calculator... which treads into No Brainer territory for me... I think it is a module I ran for Heroic Cthulhu...]

Eventually, we isolate the likely target area to some nightclubs, and Jane volunteers to use herself as bait in order to trap the vampire. After some nights where it doesn't work, finally she is approached by someone in a pub... and she wants to visit his place, yes, she does...

We follow as he leads her into his apartment. JB heads to the roof to look on her, and lets down the ladder for the rest of us to follow up there. At this point, the rest of us have some trouble getting up, while the creature directly attacks Jane. JB drops down through the skylight to her rescue, and Jane finally gets to try out her improvised flamethrower, and her holy water. [Which actually seems to do something, what the?] JB axes him to stop moving, and the creature obliges. By the time the rest of us get there, it's all over.

We can't find anything of interest in the room, so we bundle the creature up and take off (after, badly, placating the neighbour). More holy water disintegrates the body, leaving only bones, then sunlight disintegrates those. Wow, easy cleaning!

With a lot of luck, we have a decided success. Watch out creatures of Philadelphia, we are coming up [and if I find out any of you had anything to do with Phyllis, I will end you personally].


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