Thursday, 12 January 2012

Everything but playing Halo

I've started listening to the Halo audio books. They are fairly good, although it's clear the change in style of the different authors. But I can actually put up with all the military stuff, so that's something I'm enjoying.

This is making me want to watch an LP of the series. Which I will do.

And of course, watching Red vs Blue, set in the Halo-verse. But not playing it.

Although the above isn't entirely true. There was one time, I was away at a hotel, with a friend, and we decided to experiment... He brought his X-Box with him, so I gave Halo a go. Unsurprisingly I wasn't that good, took a few goes to get past each level, but I wasn't enthralled with it. I watched him play some other time, and... he backtracked a lot to get ammo. And I mean a lot. Minutes went by with him just traversing old areas just to get one gun with some ammo in it. I suppose I should have been impressed with how much of the level you could visit compared with other game consoles, but no, his gameplay just annoyed me.

But yeah, these books are making me discover Halo a bit more. Quite the in-depth world building there Bungie! Congratu-well done!


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