Friday, 13 January 2012

No Game of the Year for Me

Let's name a really great game... Skyrim! No, not that one, I mean from a previous year. Batman: Arkham Asylum! Exactly. B:AA was really well received, people rave about it. And because of that, I even picked up the Collector's Edition version (in an excellent sale, I will add). And I might just play it some time soon... No, wait, hang on... from some poking around, I don't think I will ever play it.

Games for Windows Live: The CE version uses this. I already have Steam on my computer, I do not want another gaming system. This may seem a minor thing to others, but I already have Microsoft cluttering up my computer (I run Windows after all), so I don't want another layer of crap in there for this. I thought I'd look at the Steam version, yes I'd even consider buying it again just to avoid GFWL. However, then I saw something else.

SecuROM: No. Fucking. Way. I have a few other games that I would like to play, but I will never let SecuROM onto my computer. I don't care how transparent and easy to fool others into thinking it's nice it has become, I will not have it on my computer. [I will admit that it might already be on there due to other games, but I doubt it. Certainly nothing has ever alerted itself as installing SecuROM.] And this is on the Steam version. Not interested.

Moreover, according to the Steam forum thread, not only does it use SecuROM but also you still need GFWL connection! What? As others have pointed out, three layers of DRM? Fuck off.

Reclaim Your Game rated B:AA at 42%: "Unacceptable".

Indeed. Rocksteady, get your act together. You already have my money, but you've also taken my enjoyment.

(If I could be bothered to, this is why I would pirate games, ones which I already own!)



evildicemonkey said...

GfWL has just been taken off this great game, go play it immediately!

Jamas Enright said...

What's the point in reading gaming websites if they don't tell me important information like this!!! No wonder it's on sale on Steam.

(Not that I will be playing it immediately, because I am currently at work... and have The Stanley Parable to play...)

evildicemonkey said...

You want to be Stanley more than the goddamn Batman?
I don't even know you any more.

Jamas Enright said...

I suspect I will only need to be Stanley for a short time before I become The Batman for a long time.