Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

[This was a Movie Bob recommendation.]

Beyond the terror that dares to speaks its name! You too will come to fear the terrifying walking of the walking terror! What one man must do, another man must also do!

Dr Paul Armstrong is a Scientist, doing Science! Which brings him and his wife out into the hills where there is Atmosphereum! But there is also Dr. Roger Fleming who wants the Atmosphereum to raise the... Lost Skeleton of Cadavra! And beware the ways of the aliens from Marva, which is not Earth, and so they seem like aliens to us!

Yes, this is straight out of the 1950s and the movie is extremely aware of this. Too aware, it feels to me. The characters act and say things because they know that's what happens in 1950 movies, and so they need to check it off the list. About the only original thing in this is the Skeleton (and that might just be a reference to something I don't know), and so much of it doesn't make it past the 'ha ha, isn't this thing that 1950 movies do funny?' stage.

Can't say there are any recognised names in this, but they look to be part of a company that produces this sort of movie, and I might check out their other works.

From 2001, we have The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and it's good!

(Note: this trailer uses a lot of footage from the last twenty minutes of the film...)


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